Herpagon - Natural Spray to relieve muscle and joint pain

Chinese herbal medicine herbalist explains the effect on the body occurs by active material / energy plants and energy channels penetrate achieved through their effects on the body .

Pain is defined in Chinese medicine Obstructing the flow of energy . " Improving the flow of energy is , therefore , key to pain relief .

"A flow" natural spray is alcohol-based. The material contains herbal extract and essential oil whose job is to enter the blocked areas (so they hurt) and open them. Use of the material is specially designed for relief of joint pain such as knee pain, back on the wrists. It is also effective in pain as a result of joint and muscle injury such as sports injuries, falls, sprains and so on.

"A flow" has proven effective in relieving other pain conditions such as different muscle aches, gout and sore feet.

About seventy percent of current users 'foreigners' reported a positive effect.

The effect of the material is felt almost immediately, if it matches the user!

Hundreds of practitioners have been combining "a flow" as part of their treatment and improve

Thus the effectiveness of their treatments for pain.

Precautions: Not for use in pregnant women. Do not care for the wounded and irritated skin. Keep away from children and fire.